East to Cromwell - Wine & History


East to Cromwell - Wine & History



    Queenstown is famous for it’s spectacular and enchanting scenery. It’s a landscape with everything from towering mountains to crystal lakes, verdant pastures and deep, lush forests to rugged gorges and expensive alpine plains. Dotted throughout are the remnants of man’s struggle to find a place here and to win a living from it’s hidden riches. Come on a journey with us to explore the history and the heritage left behind by gold miners and farmers. From the restored quaintness of old gold towns - Arrowtown and old Cromwell Town to hidden relics of ancient machinery decaying and overgrown in dark, mossy forest glades.


    Our route will be determined on the day by group preferences, weather and light conditions.


    • 4-5 Hours, Min 2 persons, Max 4 persons
    • PICK-UP & DROP-OFF. We pick you up from your Queenstown accommodation and drop you back when the day is over.
    • LIGHT REFRESHMENTS. Coffee, tea and biscuits are offered.
    • FLEXIBLE TOUR. Our itinerary will be determined on the day by group preferences, weather and light conditions. This itinerary is an example to inspire you with what we can see on this route. To discuss options, contact us.
    • ALL WEATHER TOUR. NZ is the land of four seasons in one day. We are equipped to handle all weather and to capture this region in all it's beautiful moods. TOURS CANCELLED only in dangerous conditions.
    • PROFESSIONAL MENTORING. We show you how to find and compose great shots and get more from your camera.

Capture the beauty, and man's struggle to tame it.

You don't have to venture far in any direction from Queenstown to find evidence of the struggle to tame this wilderness. Much of the struggle for gold took place east of Queenstown where the landscape is rugged, rocky and arid. Going in this direction we can visit amazing sites like Gee’s Flat, deep in the Kawarau Gorge, the old chinese village at and the restored main street of Arrowtown. On the way we can head into Skipper's Canyon Road, in it's day a triumph of engineering - a narrow, precipitous one way road hewn by hand into the sides of a steep sided canyon. The old road winds downward to the remains of miner's settlements on the fast flowing Shotover River.If we head to the west following the shore of Lake Wakatipu, the historic remains are more hidden. Old Sam Summer’s hut is a 45min walk through forest and stream, passing through a heavily sluiced valley and a tailrace fissure blasted into solid rock, all being taken back by the virulent beech forest.

With so many options in this direction, tell us what interests you most. We'll discuss it with the group and take light and weather conditions into account to design a great day's photography.


  • A great range of amazing vistas and photo opportunities
  • Off the beaten track
  • Lots of local knowledge and information
  • Tuition to help you compose and capture great images

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