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Southern Lights Over Kingston Village

We all know Queenstown Lakes abounds with incredible landscapes and impressive views – during the day. In the golden hours of early morning and dusk when hues of orange, pink and magenta bathe the mountains and lakes the effect is even more memorable. This year though, the night sky has been the star. With the sun currently in a phase of heightened activity, our southern skies glow often with the light show of the Aurora Australis.
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Composition Rules!

This scene captured my attention on the Crown Range Road, near Queenstown. It was the perfect triangle shape of the hill and the soft winter sunlight behind it. These elements alone wouldn’t capture the viewer in a photo, so I used other elements to draw the eye in and take it there. A single sheep stands in the foreground, almost eyeing the viewer. You can’t help looking at the sheep and then your eye is taken to the flock behind the sheep and then across the image, to the hill in the centre.

What’s The Point

You’re in the great outdoors with the most amazing scene in front of you. You reach for your camera. Before you start snapping, maybe you should ask yourself – WHY? What makes this scene so special. If you can’t answer this question it’s unlikely you’ll capture an image which gives people the same sense of awe you had about the scene.
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Same, same, but different

Queenstown Lakes and The Wakatipu is famous for it’s concentration of amazing landscapes. For me it’s a blessing to be in a position to explore and discover new corners of the region as much as I do.
Much of life, however, is spent on the mundane activities of day to day existence. Walking the dog, gardening, the weekly shopping excursion – could all be seen as chores that take me away from the beauty and majesty of the environment.

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It’s great to have your work recognized by others; even more so when it’s by experts in the field. D-Photo magazine is New Zealand’s premier source of photography information, inspiration, and celebration. Every July the D-Photo calls for entries in the largest photography contest of its kind in the country. The Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition 2015 gives amateur photographers the chance to showcase their talent and win some great prizes.
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HDR & Panoramas

This post is about a small, inexpensive plugin for Lightroom that makes my life so much easier. Since discovering the possibilities offered by HDR (high dynamic range) techniques, I’ve incorporated them into most of my landscape work. I work very much in the (digital) darkroom and for me photography is about collecting the visual material for the images I want to make. Shooting HDR is about capturing as much tonal range as possible to give me possibilities when making my images in the “lab”.
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Photography tours - Sharing the passion

I’m on the committee of the fabulous Queenstown photography club. We had a request for someone interested in taking a photography enthusiast from Queensland, Australia on a guided photography tour while she was in Queenstown for a conference. I put up my hand. This would be the first client for my new venture into guided photography tours. It makes so much sense to combine my passions for photography, landscape and exploration and my creative and camera skills with visitors to our region.

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Impressionism - Making Images in Your Own Vision

I thought I would share how photography for me is about capturing a vision – or the essence of what enthrals me about a scene. It’s not always as easy as composing a shot and tweaking some settings in Photoshop or Lightroom. A wealth of software for processing photos puts amazing power into our hands. It’s often tempting to use go “all out” and create images full of effect and drama. Sometimes, though, power has to be used judiciously and with sensitivity.
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Remarkable Imagery Shoots A Remarkable Project

Remarkable Imagery recently spent a long day tramping and photographing a spectacular alpine landscape in the Slate Range, south of Queenstown, above the hamlet of Garston.

Welcome Rock Trails is the brave project of Tom O’Brien, a fourth generation station owner who is opening up this huge expanse of hills and valleys, tussock and tors, with low impact trails for visitors to interact and pass through on foot and by bike.
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It's Remarkable

Lone Pine Cloudscape This tree on the road from Kingston to Queenstown is a favourite of mine. The stark sculptural form a reminder of the powerful natural forces that sweep through this valley. Nurtured by rain and fertile soil; lashed by winds and burnt by snow and blazing sun, it stands – sentinel – as clouds roil and spill over nearby peaks. What will it witness tomorrow. Stitched Panorama

Remarkable Imagery has been up and running for some months now, so I think it’s time to explain.

I’ve been a graphic designer all my working life, but a passion for photography has lurked in the background since I studied at design school. I’ve always enjoyed applying my creativity to clients’ communications problems – to a practical end. But art, about self expression, has been neglected all these years. Now, I have set out to make art through photography and I intend for 2014 to be a year in which I can truly call myself a photographic artist.
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