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Lone Pine Cloudscape This tree on the road from Kingston to Queenstown is a favourite of mine. The stark sculptural form a reminder of the powerful natural forces that sweep through this valley. Nurtured by rain and fertile soil; lashed by winds and burnt by snow and blazing sun, it stands – sentinel – as clouds roil and spill over nearby peaks. What will it witness tomorrow. Stitched Panorama

Remarkable Imagery has been up and running for some months now, so I think it’s time to explain.

I’ve been a graphic designer all my working life, but a passion for photography has lurked in the background since I studied at design school. I’ve always enjoyed applying my creativity to clients’ communications problems – to a practical end. But art, about self expression, has been neglected all these years. Now, I have set out to make art through photography and I intend for 2014 to be a year in which I can truly call myself a photographic artist.

A couple of years ago I came across the 365 project and a bunch of young people taking up photography, creating surreal works of art out in nature. I admired and envied their willingness to be unconstrained, free, bravely creating flights of pure imagination. Alex Stoddard is one of the most well known with his enigmatic juxtapositions of the human figure and out of context objects out in nature.

Our move to the South Island of New Zealand two years ago, stirred my passion and at the start of this year I launched my own “365”. It was just around the time Shawn and I were getting married. Soon I was out in the early mornings for hours at a time, then in my office processing for more hours. I would leave home in the car with strange collections of garments, tools, ladders, rope. Often times I would return wet, covered in mud, or ash. In between, I was conjuring and planning, dreaming up images and concepts.

It wasn’t sustainable. Shawn was not happy. I was neglecting my responsibilities. It couldn’t continue.

I downsized to one of these images a week, but even that wasn’t workable. There was a living to be earned, a mortgage to pay off, a new design business to set up, a home to maintain, gardening and renovations to do.

I’ve now settled on a creative shoot whenever I can and shooting landscapes more often. Our surroundings offer such a wealth of magnificent settings on which the weather and the light create an ever changing drama that is always inspiring.

I’ve learnt so much this year, about composition, the camera and processing. Pushing the creative limits means pushing technical limits, developing a vision and a style. Putting oneself out there as an artist, implies one has something to express. I guess I was never sure what that was. I have found that imagination grows with exercise, from pushing myself, experimenting, playing and living photography.

As ideas develop and images result, a vision emerges.

Remarkable Imagery is a manifesto. Named for the awesome 2000 meter high rock wall that overlooks Lake Wakatipu, it aptly describes the world that inspires my work and it’s a statement of my intention to create art that is out of the ordinary. This site is where I share the best of my work with you.

I hope you enjoy seeing my vision and the great beauty of this rugged island country. Maybe you will see others things too. Please feel welcome to comment on images and share them with others through the social links.

You can also buy pictures from the site.

From time to time I will create special sets of images, on a theme or for a purpose – a collection of images designed as desktop wallpapers, is in the works.

Martin Kohn
Martin Kohn