Weather is the Photographer's Friend

Most people hope for fine weather and clear blue skies when they visit Queenstown and the Southern Lakes of New Zealand.

ABOVE: Well into November, the ski fields have been closed for a month and spring is in the air. Anything possible in Queenstown and after weeks of warm weather a winter blast gave us a bit snow dump down to low levels. Next morning dawned fine with frost in Arrowtown and across the Crown Range.

It’s always beautiful in Queenstown and the Southern lakes. The mountains are always magnificent, the lake always expansive. The rivers are fast, cold and fresh and the forests always green, dark and lush. These elements are a given, but it’s the weather that is the real star. When you book a Queenstown photography tour in Queenstown the weather will always play a part. As Kiwi music greats, Crowded House opined, you can often expect “Four Seasons in One day”. New Zealand, is an island nation surrounded by ocean with weather patterns crossing us from all directions. My images were already in mind, but as so often happens, the weather and light didn’t play ball.

Martin Kohn
Martin Kohn